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Through the Roof Homes specializes in home and land sales, pre-foreclosure consultation, multifamily sales, and rentals.

Are you looking to move to the city of Cortland or Ithaca? Don’t do it alone! Our professional staff is dedicated to make your next real estate transaction quick and stress free.

We are available to take your call any time, please call 315-857-5042.

Whether you are looking for a new beginning in a new city or you are ready to spread your wings again, you can count on Through the Roof Homes to be by your side!

Our Strategy 


Through the Roof Homes realizes the world is changing, the internet has become a huge part in helping people find the home of their dreams. Websites such as Zillow, Truila, Realtor.com have made it easy for accessing property information online.

This is apparent throughout the Cortland and Tompkins Counties, customers will go online to look at a house before calling a brokerage.  

Through the Roof Homes uses a tech-savvy approach when searching for a home or marketing your house for you. We use the latest methods and online marketing technology to bring the most value to you. 

Our Tech Savvy Strategy

Ready to make your next big move?

Follow our quick “1-2-3 Process” to guarantee greater success when searching for your next home or putting your house on the market.


How The Process Works:

Step #1: Select a Package


Through the Roof Homes provides a variety of Real Estate packages for you to choose from. Picking the right option will ensure greater chances for your success.  

If you are unsure of which package fits your needs, you may click on the link to learn more or call us at 315-857-5042. After you have picked your package, proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Preparation 


Once you have chosen a Real Estate package, it is time for you to prepare. If you are buying or selling real estate in New York State you need to make sure you have your documents ready.

If you are unsure what documentation you need, click the links below and follow the instructions. Once you have your documents in place, get ready for the final step. 

Step #3: Contact Us

Once you’ve completed all the steps, contact an agent today. We will set up a meeting together to discuss your Real Estate needs.  Have your documentation ready to give to your agent for a faster Real Estate transaction. 

Through the Roof Homes has partnered with REMAX IN MOTION. A Real Estate Brokerage in Ithaca, NY. We joined up with REMAX because we love how dedicated they are to their community.

Learn more about this partnership by clicking here.


Through the Roof Homes is owned and operated by Nicholas Rutkowski, licensed Real Estate Agent with REMAX IN MOTION, Ithaca, NY.