You have chosen the Buyer Package, now where do you go from here? Follow these two simple steps to get you prepared to purchase your dream home. This is an exciting time for you and your loved ones. Being prepared will ensure greater success when finding a home. 


  • Step 1: Pre-qaulification Letter

How to get one: Call a lender of your choice and ask for a loan officer. Ask to be pre-qaulified and follow their instructions. After you receive your letter, please print out and have it ready for your agent.

  • Step 2: Criteria List

How to make one: Sit down with whomever you will be sharing your new home with and discuss what you would like in your new home. Listed below is a list of suggestions to help you.

  • Location of where you would like to live
  • What features you would like in your new home
  • Beds, Baths, Additional Rooms
  • Size
  • School District (if you have children)
  • Yard Size

Preparation Completed! 

Once you have completed return to the home page or click this link below to redirect you to Step 3. 

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